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Upcoming Grizz Garner radio appearance on The 5iVE KSKQ!
On Wednesday, March 7th of 2018, I will be making my second appearance on The 5ive, a quickly expanding West Coast hip hop show.
The show now spans multiple states, so if you live along the West Coast (or Montana), check in for your local times. In Medford and Ashland it will be airing live from 7PM to 9PM, and don't forget to check out KSKQ's website, I believe there may even be an app if you're that interested (and bless your soul if you are!).

Anyhow, I am INCREDIBLY excited to be able to make an appearance again, talk about what I've been doing and fill you guys in a little, perhaps even debut some new music? You'll have to listen to find out!

As always I want to thank the hosts Belico and Big Chris for having me on again, and if you're looking for a good source of underground hip hop, r&b, pop or anywhere in between, check out The5ive!

New Track "Home" by Grizz Garner released!
After far too long I am happy to say that I finally have a new song recorded and released...however, that is not to say that it was easy to record.
As those of you who've been following me know, aside from maybe "MacBeth", I really didn't talk much about my life in "Polarity" (2014 debut Mixtape).
This was a song that kind of wrote itself...in that sense it was easy...but trying to find was to say what I mean, about subjects that are personal, made it almost feel kind of exposing...Ultimately this song is about love, however. I guess I'm hoping that some of you out there might relate to it and gain something from it.
Regardless, while it's been a growing experience in this step, it does feel good to let some of that out..perhaps I'll do it more.
Anyhow, thanks to Cayenne Nicole Photography for the visuals used, and thanks to Mbeatz for the instrumentation on this one.

Anyhow check out the track here, in the site-wide player, my soundcloud page or anywhere else you follow me online!

Rock the Wah - 8-BiT and I opened for Mac Lethal and headlined an Underground Hip Hop Showcase!
It's been a crazy and busy couple of weeks lately! As many of you know, Christopher '8-BiT' Graham and I recently opened for Mac Lethal at King Wah...what an AMAZING SHOW! It was so nice to see so many familiar faces out and have the opportunity to meet so many new friends!
You guys were very receptive and we are incredibly excited to continue working with The Bamboo Room at King Wah, headlining "Underground Hip Hop Night", which was another spectacular event!

Mac Lethal was such a laid back guy, and I had the opportunity to talk to him for a good amount of time (he even grabbed 2 copies of 'Polarity'!!). I can say that one of my goals as a musician has been satisfied, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that even after the success he has enjoyed, he's still a pretty down to earth, all around cool dude. It was a wonderful show. For those of you who hadn't had the opportunity to come out and enjoy the show, we will be uploading some video of the show very soon (give me a few, I'm a hip hop artist, not a video editor, mmkay? It's a miracle I ever finished 'Fireproof'!). But 8-BiT and I will soon be returning to The Bamboo Room to open for Arizona based Nerdcore rappers Mega Ran and Roqy Tyraid, so stay tuned and prepare yourselves for another amazing show by your favorite Rogue Valley hip hop artists!

Here's the flyer for the Mac Lethal show!

Got to meet and hang out with the legend himself! He bought everyone at the show a beer!

I like seeing my name on the same ticket as someone with so much talent!

8-BiT and I during our sound check, getting ready for the masses!

Here's the flyer I made for the 'Underground Hip Hop Night' that we did. I was very happy I could round up so many good acts on such short notice! What a great show this was!!


So, I started a record label! ...kinda.
After having an ample amount of material to share with the world of all different sorts (sorts that wouldn't fit "Grizz") I've decided to start a new record label...well sorta.
The name of it is Infiltrated Media Productions (or 'I.M.P'), and it's more of a digital multi-media label.
My next release (which is coming eventually, I assure you!) will be distributed under this new label, as well as any beats, games, books, videos or really any other type of media I happen to produce. Don't worry, this will still be your first stop to stay up to date with everything Grizz Garner, but with the added benefits of starting and developing a label. On top of recruiting artists and engineers like a traditional label, Infiltrated Media Productions will also offer professional services for hire at affordable rates, providing services like - Song Mixing/Mastering, Engineering and Recording, Production and Composition, Digital Art and 2D Animation, Blogging, Ebooks, Reviews, Voice Overs and Video Editing, as well as 2D Video Game Programming and Design!

Everything is still pretty new, so the site is pretty bare-bones right now, but keep tuned and you will watch it blossom in no time!
Anyhow, if you are a creative type and think you might fit the bill, or you are in need of digital media services, give Infiltrated Media Productions a visit!


New Grizz Garner track "Time That I Am" released!
After much absence due to illness and surgery, Grizz Garner has finally released a new track titled "Time That I Am", his first offering since the operation.
Featuring a catchy beat by Michael Anthony, as well beautiful vocal embellishments by friends Shira Badger and Dixie Martine,
"Time That I Am" is a natural progression from the sounds and harmonies heard on "Polarity", mixing quick, choppy lines, groove-oriented beats and ethereal harmonies, it's definitely a track that will stick with you, so check it out and share it with your friends!

Grizz Garner and 8-BiT collaborate on new track 'WACK'!
Taking a side-step away from the typically more sober approach of 2014's 'Polarity', Grizz Garner and 8-BiT deliver a tongue in cheek offering composed of inebriated free-styles and a disregard for artistry in the new track 'WACK', now in the site-wide playlist and on Grizz Garner's soundcloud page.
Available for free download, check it out!

'POLARITY' Lyric Video Collection Now Available!
That's right! There is now a lyric video for every song on my April 2014 debut release 'Polarity', so if my underbitten delivery has thrown your lyrical guesses off, you can get right from the source via the following Youtube Playlist!


'FIREPROOF' released April 1st, 2014.
Grizz Garner's debut music video from 'Polarity', released April 15th, 2014.

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